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Early Preparation:
  • Get started earlier for exam preparation
  • 4 sessions (face to face/online) lectures
  • Knowing overall syllabus and exam areas
  • Advice on preparing study plan with guidance on use of Key Notes and Sample Past Paper

  • Approved Learning Materials (Study Text,Question Bank,Key Notes) are given.
  • 9 Sessions (for F Level) & 10 Sessions (for P Level) with Test Session
  • Building knowledge on the syllabus and updated issues, with focus on the exam and special topics
  • Progress Test is given
  • Marking services provided for your study progress

Intensive Revision
  • Mindmaps, Practise Questions & Mocks Package are provided
  • 10 Sessions with Mock Exam Session
  • Enhance your understanding by using combination of mindmaps, examination questions and concise notes
  • Exam Questions based, with application of knowledge and exam skills

Online ¡­
  • Study through Internet for Knowledge, Intensive Revision & Mocks Package at your own pace

  • Extra Online hours to Face-to-Face lectures
  • (Online) Study Rooms available
  • Discussion Forum & Tutorial

Mock Package
  • Progress Test, Mock & Final Mock with marking services

Terms & Condition
  • HKCA Learning Media Limited (HKCA) reserves the copyright for all materials given.
  • HKCA reserves the right to vary, cancel or change any session or lecturer if the circumstances so require.
  • The courses will not qualify candidates for eligibility to take the exams or the award of ACCA/ OBU; nor will they be recognized as fulfilment of condition for such award.

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